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About Our Artistic Founder Director

Meet Vid. Apoorva Sharma, a passionate and accomplished artist who has immersed herself in the world of Bharatanatyam from a tender age of 10. Under the guidance of esteemed gurus, starting with Rashmi Ramesh and later mentored by the revered Guru Karnataka Kalashree B K Vasantha Lakshmi for 18 years, Vid. Apoorva Sharma has honed her skills to perfection. She has successfully completed her final Vidwat exam conducted by KSEEB, demonstrating her mastery of the art form, and also achieved the remarkable milestone of passing the Alankar Purna exam by ABGMV. In addition to her expertise in Bharatanatyam, Vid. Apoorva Sharma has also completed the junior exam in Carnatic vocal, showcasing her versatility and passion for music. Her outstanding talents have been recognized with the prestigious Ajantha Natyanidi Award in 2021. With her exceptional abilities as an excellent choreographer and teacher, Vid. Apoorva Sharma embarked on her teaching journey in 2020, aiming to inspire and lead passionate students into the captivating world of dance. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Vid. Apoorva Sharma is also accomplished in the academic field. She holds a master's degree in Communication Engineering from BITS Pilani, showcasing her commitment to excellence in her studies. Currently, she brings her expertise to the VLSI industry, where she contributes her knowledge and skills in the field. With a diverse background encompassing both the arts and academia, Vid. Apoorva Sharma embodies a well-rounded individual who excels in multiple domains and brings a unique perspective to her pursuits

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